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Clear Liner to Perfect Smiles

"Discover Ortholiner, where we're revolutionizing the dental landscape. For dentists seeking flexibility, creative freedom, and efficient treatments, we're your go-to partner. In a world that demands adaptability, Ortholiner is your solution. Join us in shaping the future of dentistry."


We're here for every dental practice

Take 3D intraoral scans and upload it on our website in minutes! Don't have a scanner? No problem, login to your account, form a new case, take conventional impressions of your patient and ship us the plasters.


Hear back from us

Receive updates of your case and discuss treatment plans with our team of orthodontists.


Be creative! Get demo link

Our method enables you to be flexible and create your own methods. Get 3D treatment link and watch the whole process with your patient before you decide to go with the treatment / make adjustments. Our software enables you to see the each step of the treatment. We design treatment plans specific to your needs and wishes, so there are no strict pathway you need to follow. 

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Be flexible & Start in no time

Ortholiner difference: in a few steps.

Will your patient be travelling? No problem! If you wish we can send the aligners directly to the patient so that our doctors can be even more flexible while starting a treatment. Have to apply attachments? A small adjustment to the planning enables doctors to apply them after a couple of weeks so that you don't loose time! After a fast production and shipping your patient can start wearing ortholiner as quick as 2 weeks, anywhere in the world. 

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Quick send your cases via WeTransfer:

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